Who We Are

We help small business owners use technology to be more successful.

While we employ the latest technology and internet solutions for our clients, we believe that providing effective and practical business solutions is more important than trying to “dazzle” you with technology.

Our journey started as a web development company in 1990. Our objective was to build websites that both looked great and were truly functional. Toward that end we staffed from the beginning with designers and programmers who could work together to produce functioning websites that were significantly better than what either could create on their own. We also put great emphasis on content managed websites so that clients could control the site if they wanted to.



As business use of the web evolved it became obvious that marketing functions were key to business success on the web. We started out with email marketing and search engine optimization. We then added social media marketing, paid advertising, marketing automation, lead generation and sales funnels.

Today we bring all of these elements together. We still build websites, create custom programs when necessary and create great mobile responsive designs. We also are very active in using web technology to support the marketing and sales efforts of our clients.

Our Spiffy Brand

We market website support services to customers who use the DNN platform to manage their web presence. DNN is both a content management system and a development platform. This meets two of our main objectives of being able to build websites that clients can manage themselves and at the same time being able to customize a website to do just about anything a client needs. Examples include company intranet sites, custom ecommerce systems, blogs and just about any kind of site.

The Spiffy brand is known to many DNN users across the United States as a reliable support partner with a complete understanding of the DNN ecosystem and broad web development capabilities including design, programming, hosting, project management and marketing.