What is a Responsive Website and Why is it Important?

A good mobile website has become one of the most important things you need to focus on for your business’ web presence. Around 2013-2014, internet users using mobile devices have overtaken traditional desktop browsing as the standard way they consume content on the web.

This means mobile browsing is the new standard.

55% of all internet users (and probably more now as that percentage keeps growing) are using mobile devices to browse the internet.

Why is that important to your business? Well, an important thing for you as a business is to have customers stay on your website as long as possible. The longer you can keep people on your website, the more likely they will become leads. The more leads you have, the more likely they will be converted into customers.

User retention is king.

One of the ways you can retain users is to give them a positive user experience. You want it to be easy for people on your website to consume your content. If you make them work for it, they’ll get frustrated and leave your site in favor of your competition that may have a more pleasurable user experience.

What is responsive design?
It’s as simple as a website that responds to its environment and provides the user with a version of your website that is easy to use based on the device they’re using. It’s one single website that alters itself to look great no matter how it’s being viewed. And not only that, but Google is now penalizing websites that are not mobile friendly in mobile search results. If you don’t have a mobile friendly website, people searching for your business may never even see your website in the first place.

It can be difficult to know exactly what to do and how to get your mobile website up and running. There are tons of options out there and BT4SB is ready to help you figure out what best for you.