Website security and stability
Many of the people that I talk to regularly, business owners and people responsible for company websites, appear to have a somewhat unrealistic view of websites and how they work.  One typical statement might be, “It worked great 15 months ago when you set it up and we have not changed anything- shouldn’t it continue to work indefinitely?”

In a word: “No”.  The technical environment for most websites changes constantly, even if the content of the website itself does not.  For instance, browsers (the software that interacts with websites) are changing constantly.  Today, the real biggies are Microsoft Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Safari on Apple devices.  They are all a little bit different and they are all constantly changing.  So while your website might not change, the way users interact with your website changes all the time.

The software that runs most websites needs to change and be upgraded on a regular basis too.  Server software is regularly improved to add new and better capabilities.  Server software is also upgraded regularly to respond to changes in the security environment.
That brings me to the threats against your website.  Unless you have had some experience with security threats to a website, you are probably not aware of the pervasive, relentless and ever evolving nature of attacks on websites.  Avoiding these attacks requires a constant defense of your website on a number of levels.  Security updates, software enhancements, firewall monitoring and other security measures are taking place ‘behind the scenes’ on a regular basis to keep you website operating.

If your website is a static html page, the challenge is not as great.  Most websites these days are more like computer software (applications) than simple pages.  Content Management, ecommerce, social interactions and most of the functions that make website valuable today also mean that they are much more like dynamic programs than static pages.  These programs require maintenance from time to time to keep them safe and operating.  And sometimes, the threats are unforeseeable and require emergency reactions to attacks.

This is not a gloom and doom scenario.  These are all issues that can be dealt with.  It just requires that expectations are set realistically.  Websites today are really web applications in some way or another, and require some level of regular attention to keep them operating efficiently and securely.
Source: DNN Affin inport