The Value of Mobile Sites
So why bother?  You already have a website and you can see it on your phone when you plug in the URL, right?  Probably, unless you’re using an iPhone and you have a flash website.  And, well, if you have a flash website, give us a call and we’ll help get your website out of the Stone Age (but that’s a blog post for another day).  But really, mobile websites are so much more than making things look pretty on your phone.

It’s no secret that mobile internet usage is on the rise – everyone’s doing it, even your grandmother.  My grandmother still doesn’t have a computer (because they’re too complicated), but she’s running around with a phone, emailing, browsing the web, etc.  We, as a culture, are moving to mobile devices more and more every year.  So why, in a culture where we’re becoming a portable society, would you not progress forward with the trends?  Why force the growing masses to look at a website designed for high-resolution monitors on a credit card-sized screen?  You shouldn’t.  Here’s my list of things that you can’t ignore when thinking about why you should have a mobile site.

Fast Fast Fast

The obvious one right off the bat is faster download speeds.  Mobile networks are getting faster every day, but they can’t beat wired broadband.  Therefore, you need to design a site that is meant to be downloaded fast.  If someone does a search on their phone and you come up, they click on your site and it takes forever to download the big images in your homepage rotator… you’re sunk.  Design a site that’s meant for mobile browsing and gets on-screen fast.

Mobile Search Engines like it

Here’s on you may not have known:  mobile sites get priority in mobile searches over standard sites.  Yeah, really.  If you’re serious about your search engine optimization, you can’t ignore the fact that more and more people are searching the web via their mobile device.  You’re losing customers to competitors who have mobile sites.
Easier than App Development
You may have functions on your website that people use regularly.  I bet your brain immediately goes to APP!  We need an App for that!  But, it’s easier said than done.  If you’re not a developer, be thankful, because it’s no fun to develop an app for mobile devices. There are so many things to think about and different platforms to develop on.  You’ll also need multiple apps to run on multiple devices – it can quickly become a mess. You can accomplish almost everything in a mobile website that you can with an app, you’ll pay a ton less for it and you’ll get it faster.

Making it simple

Enhancing the user experience on your website is where it’s at.  Making it easy to get to the information or functions that your customers need on-the-go is of the utmost importance.  It may be easy to get to on a standard computer at your desk, but the phone is a lot harder.  Make it easy, make it quick and they’ll stick with you.
The right content upfront
For the new customer in town – some commuter is browsing around for whatever Macguffin you happen to be selling – do you think they’re going to stick with your complicated website while the bus is shaking around?  Mobile sites get your important content upfront and in the user’s face.  Big buttons that are easy to see and use will get them where they’re going fast and easy.

Some cool technology on the horizon

There’s all sorts of new technology cropping up that can make the mobile site experience so much cooler – one of those are QR codes.  I also heard them called “Snap codes” the other day.  I assume they think my grandmother will understand that better.  QR codes are kind of like barcodes that can be scanned with your mobile device and make something happen. For example, you can put an ad in the paper that includes a QR code – if they like what the ad says, they can scan the QR code, and that will take them to a page on your mobile website tailored to the content of the ad.  I’ve even seen them in store windows and on billboards.  That’s just a small taste of what’s to come too.

Be a pioneer, it’s a respectable label

I’m a designer so I tend to lean toward the image side of things. Mobile browsing is the future – it’s an inevitability.   Be a pioneer or be left behind.  No matter who you are, you notice the little things when choosing a company to do business with.  If people look at your company and then your competitor – you have a mobile site and they don’t… there’s something there.   You’ve got the edge.  It’s a small thing, but a lot of small things become big things.
Hey, there are tons of reasons to have a mobile site, and these are just a few off the top of my head.  It really boils down to the simple fact that I’ve stated more than once in this article – Mobile browsing is the future.  If you plan to have lasting success in the world of the internet, you just can’t ignore it.
Source: DNN Affin inport