The Secret to Never Missing a Weekly Google Analytics Report Again
After setting up a Dashboard and spending some time using it, you may have chosen to customize it to further suite your needs.  Once it is fully customized, setting up Automatic Reporting will further streamline the process of viewing and managing your data on a regular basis by generating an email with your dashboard data and sending it to you at scheduled intervals.

To begin setup, log into your Google Analytics and select your prefered dashboard.  Below the bolded title of your dash you should see a navigation bar which includes +Add Widget, Share, Email, and Export.  Select Email.  

Here you simply add the email address you desire to send the report to, provide a subject, and adjust the frequency.  In theory, viewing your data as often as possible may seem like a good idea, but in practice, viewing your data more than once a week rarely provides new insight.  We suggest starting with Weekly and possibly changing it to Monthly in the future.  Fill in a message body and click Send to finish the process.  

Note: Google Analytics is sometimes fickle and may send you the correct report once, and empty emails afterwards.  If this occurs you will have to go back into your account, delete the recurring report, and set up a new one.
Source: DNN Affin inport