The Secret Benefit of Multi Page Forms
Lengthy forms benefit greatly from being broken up over multiple pages.  By breaking them up, you reinforce the feeling of progression users get as they move from section to section, dramatically reducing the exit rate of your forms.  Even more importantly, multi-page forms can help guarantee you receive information from users without the patience to complete the entire form by designing your website to submit the data whenever the user progresses from one page to the next, this ensure you receive their information as they go.  

When implementing this design choice, it is essential to properly organize your questions so you are guaranteed to receive the most vital information immediately.  Most likely, this will mean requiring a name, email address, and possibly a phone number as well.  If the user chooses to quit the form early you will still have the necessary information to contact them in the future and follow-up on the potential client..

Source: DNN Affin inport