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My experience with “Accidental Marketing”

About 5 years ago I was trying hard to figure out how to market my web development business.  We had a stable business with repeat customers but not a great deal of growth.  I had a list of email addresses but no realistic plan to take advantage of the list. At the...

Marketing Checkup: How do you look on LinkedIn?

Marketing Checkup: How do you look on LinkedIn? People are looking at your LinkedIn profile every day too.  You don’t need to be a big LinkedIn user to take advantage of this free little billboard for you on the web. Source: DNN Affin inport

My ‘Wow!’ Customer Experience: Moen Faucets

My ‘Wow!’ Customer Experience: Moen Faucets We had a faucet damaged in our kitchen recently.  When we started to thing about whether to fix or repair the answer became pretty easy when we looked into it. Source: DNN Affin inport

What We Do

Marketing Automation

If the website is ‘home’, Marketing Automation is the ‘reaching out’ to touch people and develop relationships. Automation gets you organized and saves you time.

Big Technology for Small Business

While we started out helping people with websites, we realized that small businesses need a whole range of technologies to really achieve lasting success.

Web Development

Websites are kind of the ‘home base’ for communications for most companies. We love the ‘art’ of building websites that work hard to achieve business objectives.

Tech Ventures and Coaching

We have been helping small businesses grow for over 15 years.  Along the way some of our relationships have evolved from consultant to coach to equity partner.  We love helping small businesses thrive.

Our Customers Say…

I wish I would have gotten your help with Infusionsoft many years earlier. It would have saved lots of headaches.

 Gretchen in Apex, NC

Affinigent helps us to achieve our strategic objective of using technology to make our business work better.

Beth in Harrisburg, PA


 We trust the team at affinigent with our website along with other tech needs.

Jim in Lancaster, PA

When I look at what my peers are doing on the web I feels sad for them that they do not have a Don Bishop to help them out.

Brian in Orange County, PA

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We rely on the developers at Affinigent to supplement our web development efforts.

Barr in Washington DC

It only took 3 weeks for our Infusionsoft implementation to take us from 15 lead contact rate to 60%.

Chris in Middletown, PA

Are You Getting Everything You Should Out Of Your Website?

Are You Getting Everything You Should Out Of Your Website?

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