IE Upgrade May Be Dangerous to Your Website!
I’ve been around long enough to remember when windows operating system upgrades were a real nightmare.  Now Windows Update makes it sort of painless.  Sort of!

One huge annoyance is the occasional huge update that makes it hard to turn the laptop off at the end of the day.  When I am in a hurry it feels like the temporary inconvenience outweighs the benefits.

A bigger issue for me and many of our website clients is the mindless way that windows update installs the newest version of Internet Explorer on everyone’s PC.  IE 10 and now IE 11 both have caused problems for websites and web applications needlessly.  Microsoft has implemented their own standards causing lots of other stuff on the web to not work properly.  Their default for IE 11 is not to make it compatible with the rest of the world.  Their so called ‘compatibility mode’ had to be changed manually.

So if a website you use and love all of a sudden does not look right or work right, and you are using IE as your browser, perhaps you were ‘upgraded’ to IE’s in-compatibility mode.
Source: DNN Affin inport