How To Better Meet Your Conversion Goals Through Landing Pages
Landing Pages are web pages distinct from your primary website designed exclusively to navigate the user to a conversion goal.  Landing Pages are largely effective because they remove navigation bars to provide minimal distraction and target users who have already shown interest in your offer by choosing to click on the link leading to the landing page.  By providing more information about the specific topic at hand, Landing Pages are a highly effective way of encouraging users to complete the conversion goal.  There are two types of landing pages, each with a different conversion goal: Lead Generation pages and Click-Through pages.

Lead Generation

Lead Generation pages have the goal of collecting information which can be used to contact the user over time, such as email address, mailing address, phone number, etc.  Lead Generation pages usually provide something of value to the user such as an eBook, coupon, or even a physical item sent through the postal service (thus requiring a physical mailing address in addition to an email address).

Click Through

These pages are designed to encourage the user to click a link to a specific page, often a checkout page.  Click Through pages encourage users by providing information about a very specific category or product that may not be obvious on a general “Products/Services” page due to spacial limitations, thus allowing them to make an informed decision regarding their purchase.  

Which One To Use?
Because they each have a different goal, both types of pages can be active concurrently.  Lead Generation pages are usually used with marketing tools such as email campaigns, social media posts, and paid advertising.  A variety of targeted Click Through landing pages allows you to promote specific products.  As your Leads continue to grow you will have a greater number of options regarding how you choose to promote your products.
Source: DNN Affin inport