Google Analytics: What It Is & Why You Need It
Google Analytics is a free service Google provides which allows you to gather data about how your website is being used.  It keeps track of a wide variety of things including the number of visitors you have, the path users take through your website, the amount of time spent on each page, and a whole host of other valuable statistics.

Google Analytics only provides you with data- the reason you need it is so you can make truly informed decisions about what your website does well and what can be improved.  You might think your website is entirely intuitive, but one look at your “Users Flow” may prove a portion of your website is essentially hidden from your audience.  The data you glean from Google Analytics can help you prioritize what to do next to build a better website and clearly define what you are already doing well.  

In future blog posts, we will look at effective ways to use specific datasets, but to get you started, here are three things to look for and what you should learn from the data:

Where your traffic comes from: helps you determine which paid advertisements are the most effective and which you may want to retool or remove


How long users view each page (on average):  helps you determine weak links in your website that may be confusing or irrelevant to users

Mobile Traffic Bounce Rate:  helps you see how well you are prepared you currently are to capitalize on this huge and only growing market
Source: DNN Affin inport