Create A Custom Facebook Landing Page Revisited
* Please Note: As of March 11, 2011 Facebook changed the way to add custom content to a Facebook page.  This article shows the new IFrame method. *

Since the rise in popularity of Facebook, more and more companies have been creating Facebook pages which are an important marketing tool to connect with customers.

As a marketing tool, it’s important to be able to customize your company’s Facebook page with branding, special offers, or announce important events.  When you first create a Facebook company page, you’re started off being limited in what you can customize.

The trick is to create a Facebook IFrame application that will allow you to show a custom webpage as your Facebook landing page.  Don’t worry; you do not need a knowledge of programming only a destination webpage that will show in the application.
How to Create a Facebook IFrame Application

1. Go to

2. Login to Facebook

3. Click “Apps”. If prompted by a “Request for Permission”, click “Allow”.

4.Click “Create New App”

5. Enter a name for your App and check the “I agree” box. Then click “Continue” 

6. You can edit the basic settings of your app like adding a custom Icon and Logo. The Icon is used on your page’s left tab menu.  Click “Save Changes” when you are done. 


7. From the left menu click “On Facebook” 


8. Fill out the following, and then click “Save Changes”

Canvas URL – Enter the website domain name that you will be hosting the IFrame content from

Tab Name – Enter the title for the tab. This will be the title shown on your page

Tab URL – The rest of the URL pointing to the IFrame page content

9. Click “View App Profile Page”


10. Click “Add to My Page”

11. Click “Add to Page” next to the Facebook page you would like to add the IFrame. Then click “Close”. 


How to Set Your New Landing Page Tab as the Default Tab  

1. Click “Edit Info”

2. Click “Manage Permissions” 

3. Change the “Default Landing Page” to your newly created IFrame tab, and then click “Save Changes”

Completed Custom Facebook Landing Pages
Ralph E Jones Inc. Facebook Page

Tik Facebook Page

Source: DNN Affin inport