Broken Image Links Catastrophe Averted
After spending some time making a few small edits in a website, most people eventually run into the scenario where a stray deletion can lead to a serious issue; that’s what happened last Friday at one of our clients’ websites  with the majority of their imagery.  A routine cleanup of old files resulted in a frustrated employee and a homepage (as well as most of the other pages) filled with these:

We received a phone call very shortly after the issue was noticed, and with a little work, Affinigent webmaster Doug was able to recover all of the files by accessing our nightly back-up tech and re-synchronizing the file system, netting him the nickname “Super-Doug” for the rest of the weekend.
This story ended in success with minimal downtime, but without proper backup systems in place, the problem could have had much more time consuming consequences.  Now is the time to ensure you have backups in place, not after it’s too late.  Who knows, you could be next weekend’s “Superhero.”
Source: DNN Affin inport