Better Security Without Another Password
Google encourages users to setup 2-Step Verification, a great way to add more security to your account without having to memorize another password.

What It Is:
A verification process Google uses to help restrict devices you do not use from accessing your account

Why You Need It:
2-Step Verification restricts anyone who manages to get ahold of your password from logging in without using a verified device.  What does this mean?  If someone from another country gets your password, they cannot log in without first flying to your town, sneaking into your office, and stealing your laptop (or other verified device).  

How it works:
After activating Google’s 2-Step Verification, you will be required to submit a verification code on any new device (or once a month on previously verified devices) when you attempt to log into your Google account.  This code is randomly generated and sent to you through specified means (generally your cell phone) and without it or a previously verified device, you cannot log in*.

Once a month, you will be required to verify yourself by inputting a new code, but you get a new layer of protection to safeguard your content without requiring another long string of password characters that are easy to forget.  Instead, all you need is a cell phone and three minutes to set it up.  Follow along with this simple video from Affinigent University now to set it up and you’re sure to have a safer account because of it:
*In the event you have lost your phone and have no verified devices, Google does have a method of once again granting you access, but it is not quick nor easy, which is why they suggest you take precautions (not covered in this post).

Tutorial Video:
Source: DNN Affin inport