'Discover' the 'Tech We Use' to run Affinigent



We love to show off the technology we use to run our small business.  Come take a look...maybe you will find something that can help you out.

Drop by our offices in East York on
Thursday November 12 between 5 PM and 7 PM.

The event this month will feature a free half hour seminar at 5:30 on “How Small Businesses can get new customer and more business from existing customers using an automatic marketing system.”  The seminar will be presented by Don Bishop who has been implementing these technologies in his own business since 2011.

Affinigent’s Discovery Hour is an opportunity for you to experience the technology we use to run our small business.  We have been working to make our business for efficient since we started the company in 1999.  Now you can take advantage of the lessons we have learned in many years of experimentation and real world implementation.


Some of the technologies that are important to us include

  • automated marketing
  • text messaging
  • mobile marketing
  • social media advertising
  • online accounting
  • cloud storage
  • live chat
  • auto responders
  • and much, much more.

 I guarantee you will get one new idea if you drop in for a visit.

Our Clients say...

"When I look at what my peers are doing on the web I feel sad for them that they do not have a Don Bishop to help them out."
Brian in Orange County CA


Here are some of the technologies we use:

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