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One of the important technologies that we talk about with our small business clients is Autoresponders

The goal is to automatically develop business relationships
without spending a great of the business owner's precious time.

Here is your chance to learn how small business owners and marketers get organized, save time and sell more with Infusionsoft.  

Infusionsoft is software for small businesses that offers Autoresponders and more.  In fact we think of campaigns in Infusionsoft as
Autoresponders on steroids because they are so much more powerful than simple autoresponders.  There's more...Infusionsoft offers functionality like Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Marketing Automation, Email Marketing and even eCommerce.


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Infusionsoft Makes Small Business More Successful
These tools and strategies have the potential to revolutionize the marketing and operation of your small business.

» Get Organized

One central locations for contact information, appointments and tasks so that nothing slips through the cracks.  Its all in the cloud too so you can access it from work, home, even on the road.

» Keep in Touch

Campaigns are an incredible tool to keep in touch with customers, prospects and anyone else that matters to you.  We customize campaigns to what you need, New Prospect Campaigns,  Customer Retention Campaigns, Upsell Campaigns,  

» Sell More

Infusionsoft helps you sell in 2 key ways.  The first is with more information about key opportunities so you can keep track of your selling process whether there are a group of sales people or just one.  The second way Infusionsoft helps you sell is with ecommerce. If you want to sell products or services online that is great.  Even is you don't sell directly online there are other ecommerce possibilities like training, conferences or other events that online payments really help with.

» Get Referrals & Testimonials

Every business knows they need referrals and should get testimonials but it is one of the easiest things to forget to do.  Infusionsoft helps with campaigns that automatically make it happen.  


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----- Strategy -----

Lifecycle Marketing is looks at every aspect of your relationship with customers and works to enhance the quality and profitability of every interaction. 
The Lifecycle Marketing Strategy


Target | Attract Interest | Collect Leads



Educate | Offer | Close


Deliver & Wow | Offer More | Referral




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