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Create A Custom Facebook Landing Page Revisited

* Please Note: As of March 11, 2011 Facebook changed the way to add custom content to a Facebook page.  This article shows the new IFrame method.... Read More...

Take advantage of Local Pages and other location based sites

Local pages and websites optimized for mobile devices that know where you are at all times are hot opportunities for businesses like restaurants and o... Read More...

What are Domains, Nameservers, and DNS and how do they work?

Domains, Nameservers, and DNS are part of a system used by the Intranet to access websites and other resources using a human friendly, easy to remembe... Read More...

Signs that Your Site May Need a Redesign

Is your website made up of frames? Was your website originally designed completely in Flash and almost impossible to update yourself? Is your ... Read More...

5 Reasons Your Company Should Be On Twitter

Twitter is a growing social force. Many businesses use it, but there are still plenty that aren’t. I’ve compiled a list of some reasons a ... Read More...

SEO Starter Guide

1) Keywords.   Create a list of words relevant to your business.  From that list, which of those words get your customers to react the ... Read More...

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We talked about the general framework of Lifecycle Marketing and where Landing Pages fit into the overall framework.  Landing Pages are a tactic in marketing to move a ‘viewer’ or ‘consumer’ of content from being anonymous to us to being a prospect that we can actively contact.  The goal of that contact is usually to move forward in our relationship with the prospect.

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A good mobile website has become one of the most important things you need to focus on for your business' web presence. Around 2013-2014, internet users using mobile devices have overtaken traditional desktop browsing as the standard way they consume content on the web.