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What are Domains, Nameservers, and DNS and how do they work?

Domains, Nameservers, and DNS are part of a system used by the Intranet to access websites and other resources using a human friendly, easy to remembe... Read More...

Signs that Your Site May Need a Redesign

Is your website made up of frames? Was your website originally designed completely in Flash and almost impossible to update yourself? Is your ... Read More...

5 Reasons Your Company Should Be On Twitter

Twitter is a growing social force. Many businesses use it, but there are still plenty that aren’t. I’ve compiled a list of some reasons a ... Read More...

SEO Starter Guide

1) Keywords.   Create a list of words relevant to your business.  From that list, which of those words get your customers to react the ... Read More...

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We talked about the general framework of Lifecycle Marketing and where Landing Pages fit into the overall framework.  Landing Pages are a tactic in marketing to move a ‘viewer’ or ‘consumer’ of content from being anonymous to us to being a prospect that we can actively contact.  The goal of that contact is usually to move forward in our relationship with the prospect.