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Infusionsoft User Group meeting Recap from 3/17/2016

Infusionsoft User Group meeting Recap from 3/17/2016

Our overall theme for the day was Email Deliverability.  Jen from Affinigent decorated the new ‘white board wall’ in our conference room for the event (see photo).

We spoke about deliverability a few different ways.

Due to the prominence of Gmail and the ‘Promotions’ tab there are lots of situations where end users may not see emails because they are automatically put in the Promotions tabs instead of the in box. Even if you do not use one of the Gmail clients for email, there is a good chance that some of your users to.  You need to be aware of this potential issue with where your emails might end up.  We talked about a number of specific mistakes to avoid.  Let me know if you like to have all of my research on this topic.

There is a big difference between getting your emails into a recipients email box and getting the seen.  Infusionsoft has a good help article about the basics of getting your email into the inbox.  One key issue that we discovered was not widely understood is the SPF record.  We are not talking sunbathing here!   SPF (Sender Policy Framework) is not a silver bullet to email deliverability but it is a relatively easy thing to set properly and it will improve email deliverability in some situations.

Notes on the Traffic and Conversion Summit

We also talked about my personal ‘take away’s from Digital Marketers’ recent Traffic and Conversion Summit in San Diego.  First was their focus on content (articles, blogs, etc.) as their initial interface with customers/prospects.  These guys really have ecommerce and internet marketing dialed it at so many levels.

The other major take away from T&C is their sideways list building.  Essentially the concept is that once you identify a particular market segment you want to attract, it might be easier to create completely separate web property to attract that audience, and then promote to them from a completely separate website.

ICON16 notes

ICON is Infusionsoft’s main annual convention in Phoenix.  This year celebrated the 10th ICON event.  Clate Mask (Infusionsoft CEO) reported that they have 30,000 customers and 120,000 users.

Last year I really appreciated Infusionite Scott Richins ecommerce presentation on billing automation, etc.  This year he updated and enhanced his presentation.  If you take credits cards using your app, this is an extremely valuable resource with step-by-step setup instruction.

I have been impressed with Dave Ramsey’s radio program with financial advice for years.  I remember listing to people calling his show and shouting, “I’m debt free!” on the air.  His Financial Peace University is well known across the county, especially in religious settings.  I was totally unaware that Dave Ramsey has a separate business providing help to small business leaders.  His provides advice, coaching, training and support following his style of Entrepreneurial Leadership.  His presentations at ICON16 were amazing.  I especially appreciated his ideas and practices surrounding attracting, selecting, hiring and motivating employees.

This is by no means a complete review of ICON16, just a few of my personal highlights.  The videos for the event should be available shortly and I hope to share them at some future meetings.

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