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Marketing Checkup: How do you look on LinkedIn?

Marketing Checkup:  How do you look on LinkedIn?

We all get ready for work every morning.  You make sure you look good and are dressed appropriately. We do this because we care...and people will see us.



People are looking at your LinkedIn profile every day too.  You don't need to be a big LinkedIn user to take advantage of this free little billboard for you on the web.  But just because it is free does not mean it has no value. Your LinkedIN Profile is the way many people get information about you and they are forming  opinions about you based on this profile.



I strongly suggest that you take a look at your basic LinkedIn profile and make sure you are presenting yourself the way you want to be seen. Here is how to get started.

The two most visible and impactful pieces of information in your profile are your photo and your ‘Professional Headline’.   Photos matter.  It is a visual shorthand on the web.  LinkedIn shows your photo almost every time it refers to you in any way.  Make your photo count.

Your “Professional Headline” can be anything you want.  Mine could say, “President of Affinigent Inc”.  That would be true but does really provide the presentation I want.  My Professional Headline previously said, “Don Bishop leads a team of Web Professionals who build and promote web sites that really work for their clients”.  More recently I updated it so state that “I help small business owners use technology to be more successful on their own terms.”  

You should get your work experience in there next, especially your current position.  You can list as many different positions as you want.  The key position that will be displayed most is the top one on your list.  That is where I put “President, Affinigent Inc”

Those are the basics.  You can do lots more but this is where you start.  It is pretty easy to edit your LinkedIn Profile.  In my opinion the hardest part is that LinkedIN will keep suggesting other things for you to do!  More stuff is fine…just make sure you get the basics just right first.  Then you can enhance.  I have found that creating a simple worksheet offline really helps keep my focused and ‘on message’ when working on LinkedIn.

I have a worksheet (with instructions) that I use for myself and my clients.  You can download the worksheet at

You can use the worksheet on your own or have someone else do most of it for you.  You can even fill it out and email it to me if you like and I will be glad to give you some feedback.


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