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My ‘Wow!’ Customer Experience: Moen Faucets

My ‘Wow!’ Customer Experience:  Moen Faucets

We had our kitchen completely remodelled about 6 years ago.  There is a huge main island with a sink and a faucet.  Clearly, that faucet is a focal point for the room.  When the faucet got bent from admittedly hard use we had the dilemma of what to do next.  It still worked fine but did not look right.  Did I mention it is a focal point for the room?


Replacement was an expensive proposition.  One day we had a plumber in the house for a bathroom issue (don’t even get me started) so we asked him what he would do.


It’s a Moen!  They will replace the parts for free.




My wife pulled out the documentation, called Moen, gave them the model number and the replacement part appeared at our door in a few days.  Absolutely free.  Wow!


It does not end there though.  We had a little issue with a faucet in our main bathroom.  That one is even older.  We don’t have any documentation and the company does not even have anything that looks like our faucet on their website anymore.  ‘No problems,’ says the customer service rep at Moen.  “Just take a picture of it and email to us.  We will figure it out for you.”


And they did.  The part arrived in a few days.  Absolutely free.  Wow!


I have no idea how Moen does this or anything else about their business.  I only know 2 things for sure.  First is that I am telling everyone I know how great Moen is.  The second thing I know for sure is that my decisions about what brand of faucet to purchase in the future is easy.  It will be a Moen.

Lets be clear that I have nothing to gain from helping Moen.  I am a normal consumer in their world.  My hope is that you will take a lesson from this about the value of providing a ‘Wow!’ experience for your customers as described at  You don’t have to do what Moen does, I just hope you will do something that gets your company the benefits that Moen is getting.

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