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Small Business Tech: What would you do with unlimited cloud storage?

Small Business Tech:  What would you do with unlimited cloud storage?

Running a small business is often about using your limited resources to achieve maximum impact.  As the technology available to us changes I work really hard to make sure that I am using technology in the best way to ‘achieve maximum impact’.  Lately I have realized that unlimited cloud storage is a real game changer in many ways for my company.


I recently upgraded my business Gmail account to the latest and greatest paid account.  It offers unlimited Google Drive storage to me and my whole team at work.  We have been thinking a great deal about how to use this.  Talk about a paradigm change!


So now we have a place in the cloud where we can store and retrieve an unlimited amount of computer files.  Wow. The first thing that came to my mind was to backup everything in our office to the cloud.  no, wait a minute.  Let’s not just back it up once, let’s back it up automatically every day so we can never lose anything and I can get to everything either from home or on the road.  Shut down that backup server in the office too...we don’t need it anymore.  We’re in the cloud.


What about video?  We record some of our training on videos, now we can back them all up and save them too.  Last month I started recording a few sales calls to video using GoToMeeting.  Now I can record them all (with permission, of course) and archive them in the cloud.  This is a great record of the interaction for me and a great training tool for new salespeople too.


I’m still trying to think of some of the best ways to use this.  There are audio files, video files, surveillance video, spreadsheets, databases, documents, photos, many digital files that we can easily store and retrieve.  It does not matter how big the files are, how many of them there are, or how many times we access them.  Unprecedented.   I have been using computers for a long time and this is really revolutionary stuff.


And all we did was upgrade our Google account for an additional $5 per user per month.  That got us unlimited storage in the cloud and unlimited email storage and retrieval too.


If you read this far you have probably guessed that I love internet technology and I really love making my small business work better using technology.  Click here - - for some more stories about how I have implemented these technologies

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