5 Reasons Your Company Should Be On Twitter
Twitter is a growing social force. Many businesses use it, but there are still plenty that aren’t. I’ve compiled a list of some reasons a business should use Twitter.

1.    Communications – Twitter is a fantastic communications tool. It is fast and immediate and has the potential to reach so many people. Not only your followers, but your follower’s followers.

2.    Community – Twitter becomes useless if you don’t have a community or don’t belong to a community. Build up your following with reliable people and follow those who will benefit you.

3.    News – The River Twitter is a constantly updated flow of information. By zeroing-in on the right people who tweet items of interest to you, you can tap into a fascinating never-ending news feed. Whether that be political, sport, or technology. Twitter is a great tool to keep informed of what’s happening around you

4.    Branding –You don’t have to be a big brand like Dell, Nike, Starbucks to brand yourself on twitter. You can be an average Joe and brand yourself on twitter. Just be sure to personalize your messages, everyone wants to connect with a person and not a bot.

5.    Business Networking – Being on Twitter will give you opportunities to meet and talk to oodles of people, some of whom you would never get the chance to talk to otherwise. And some of those people might be the very business contacts you’ve been seeking, people you want to start projects with, source product from or even hire. Networking with people of like mind and similar interests for the purpose of exchanging ideas, finding answers, sorting out problems, and generally offering much needed help.
Source: DNN Affin inport