3 Essential Tips for Optimizing YouTube Posts for Search
Using YouTube to drive traffic to your website can have a tremendous impact on your business.  YouTube is the second largest search engine in existence and YouTube videos account for 80% of all videos in search results, meaning it is one of the most important places to optimize your content.

Keywords, Keywords, Keywords
Your description should always begin with your website URL to provide a highly visible and easily accessible link to more content.  Your description and even the filename should also feature any appropriate keywords, even those that perhaps did not make it into the video title.  Finally, when naming your file, we recommend separating each word with an underscore to increase the chances of the words being properly indexed; for example “tips_for_how_to_improve_YouTube_SEO”.  Be sure to include only relevant information, as misinformation can negatively impact your video’s search rank.  

Tag Your Videos
Do not overlook the importance of tagging your videos.  YouTube will frequently suggest tags based on your description, but do not hesitate to add more.  Adding tags which match what you expect a user would search for can yield positive results (for example, rather than just tagging a video “YouTube” and “SEO,” it is beneficial to add “Tips for YouTube SEO”).

Closed Captions
Closed Captions are used in a variety of ways to dramatically increase your potential audience, including allowing YouTube to translate them into other languages.  Captions are also indexed by YouTube, reinforcing your keywords and SEO ranking.  

Check out our short tutorial showing how to quickly upload your captions:
Source: DNN Affin inport